Universitäre Service-Einrichtung für Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie
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Mission Statement

Our research and development supports you for the solutions of your problems.

We offer structural and chemical analysis - from atoms to cells.

We also provide expertise and our instrumental equipment for industry, research institutions and private persons.

That's us


As a service center we are used to be confronted daily with new problems and to support our customers during experiments and data interpretation.

USTEM experts have long-term experience in analytical electron microscopy and take part significantly on recent national and international research projects. 


 History of development of USTEM

Latest USTEM-News

Montag, 2017-11-13

30 Jahre Bibliotheksjubiläum - USTEM ist dabei

Wahrheit und Wissenschaft – wo sonst finden sich klarere und eindeutigere Kriterien, um Wahrheit und Unwahrheit, aber auch Wahrscheinlichkeit von Unwahrscheinlichkeit zu differenzieren, als in der Wissenschaft?
Die Suche nach der Wahrheit führt zu...


Mittwoch, 2017-10-04

Thomas Schachinger won the "best image award" at the MC2017

Thomas Schachinger win the "Best Image Award" at the MC2017 in Lausanne for his outstanding micrograph "Iridium Thin Film Buckling - A Picturesque Sign of Compressive Internal Stress". It shows a Light Microscopy micrograph of an Iridium thin filme...


Freitag, 2017-09-08

Job offer: EASITrain - a European Innovative Training Network

USTEM offers an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position within the ITN EASITrain. The main task of the ESR working at USTEM is the microstructural and microhemical analysis of novel superconducting materials and interfaces for the development of...