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TEM courses on the Tecnai

We offer training and courses for working on the FEI Tecnai. In order to ensure a safe and secure handling of the TEMs, the courses are limited to max. 5 persons only. The training and course dates can be provided individually.

You have the choice between two course packages:

- Basic course Tecnai:

  • TEM-Mode: beam alignment, acquisition of micrographs and diffraction pattern using a CCD camera,
  • HRTEM: alignments
  • STEM-Mode: beam alignment, HAADF imaging
  • EDX:  point analyses in TEM- and STEM-mode, area analyses in STEM-mode, linescan, drift corrected linescan, data treatment and analyses

- advanced course EELS/EFTEM: (pre-requisite: safe and secure operation of the Tecnai – see basic course Tecnai)

  • EELS: spectra acquisition in TEM- and diffraction-mode (ZLP, low losses, core edges)
  • improvement of signal-to-noise ratio
  • EFTEM: Zero-Loss filtered images
  • filtered images - optimization of selected energy windows for EFTEM maps, improvement of signal-to-noise ratio

Courses for light microscopy and TEM/EELS/EFTEM will be held on demand.

Former courses:

  • TEM/EELS course (June 2010)
  • TEM course for chemists (18-27 Spet. 2007)
  • Light microscopy course (14-15 June 2005)
  • TEM/EELS course (April 2004)