Universitäre Service-Einrichtung für Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie
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History of developement

1997First ideas for setting up a TEM-pool for the institutes 137 and 173.
1999First planning of an inter-universitary service center.
Senat of the TU Wien decides the foundation of the University Service center for Transmission Electron Microscopy (USTEM).
Its staff is constituted from staff of the institutes 137 and 173.
Ao. Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.techn. Peter Schattschneider becomes head of USTEM.
Plannings for an EM center located in the new Lehartrakt including the purchase of a modern TEM.
2000Approval of the USTEM work rules by the federal ministry for science and education.
The building up of the Lehartrakt is postponed, purchasing a TECNAI F20 Field Emission TEM is approved.
Installation of a new electro-chemical TEM sample preparation facility.
Installation of the GATAN precission ion polishing system (PIPS) at USTEM.
2001Dismantling of the old Siemens Elmiskop with a unique serial EELS. This beautiful instrument is set up in the entrance hall of the Freihaus of the Vienna Univ. of Technology as a demonstration object.
Installation of the TECNAI F20 FEG TEM with EDX, HAADF and GIF 2001.

Succesfull acceptance tests of the TECNAI F20 at the most exposed site worldwide, in the 8th floor of the Freihaus building.

2004Installation of a replacement JEOL 200CX TEM.
2005Grant of the Uniinfrastruktur III Project "USTEM DualBeam FIB –3D Nanoanalytik".
2006Expansion of the sample preparation lab by a low-voltage Gentle mill.
Ass. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.Techn. Johannes Bernardi follows as head of the service centre.
Plannings for the acqusition of a FEG SEM and an analytical TEM.
2007Installation of a Quanta 200 3D Dual Beam FIB equipped with EDX, EBSD and cryostage.
Our old  two JEOL 200CX TEMs are shut down after more than 20 years of succesfull operation.
Start of the installation of the Quanta 200 FEG SEM, equipped with EDX, EBSD and heating stage.
2008Installation of the TECNAI G20 with EDX, STEM.
Installation of the new GIF Tridiem, acquired within the framework of the TU Materials Research Cluster.
2009Installation of the Cryo-Ultramicrotom RMC-PowerTome PT-PC.
Installation of the inverses optical research microscope Leica DMI5000M.
2010TEM heating holder 1000°C for in-situ experiments (Gatan).
Extension of the PIPS Ionenmill with a low energy Kit (Gatan).
SEM force measurement system (Kleindiek).
2012Installation of an X-FEG (TECNAI F20) 
2014Installation of a SDD EDX-Detector at the TECNAI F20
Installation of GATAN DigiSTEM II (TECNAI F20)
2015Installation of the GATAN VULCAN Cathodoluminescence system for TECNAI F20 and TECNAI G20