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Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam for 3D materials charakterisation

Location: DB08H11
Tel.: 45220
Person of responsibility: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Steiger-Thirsfeld

Fields of research:

Quanta 200 3D DualBeam-FIB

  • Chemical nano-analysis (100 µm - 10 nm)
  • Structural nano-analyis
  • 3D Tomography for Life Science applications
  • Target preparation for TEM with nm-precission
  • 3D in-situ analysis of defects and test areas in metals, semiconductors and ceramics
  • Preparation and analysis of porous materials
  • Preparation and analysis at low temperatures (cryo stage)
  • Sample preparation, characterisation and analysis at preassures up to 2600 Pa and high humidities
  • Charging-free imaging of non-conductive specimens in low vacuum at 130 Pa
  • Defect repair in semiconductor designs
  • Nanomachining (fabricating and cutting)
  • Scripting


DBFIB sample chamber
Nano manipulators
Cryo-transfer stage
Electron column
EmitterW- filament
Operation voltage200 V - 30 kV
3.5 nm @ 30 kV @ high vacuum
3.5 nm @ 30 kV @ ESEM mode (<2600 Pa)
15 nm @ 3 kV @ low vacuum mode (< 130 Pa)
Maximum beam current1 µA
Ion column
Ga liquid metal ion source
Resolution:  10 nm @ 30 kV @ 1 pA
Operation voltage5 kV to 30 kV
Beam current1 pA to 30 nA
Platinum- and tungsten- metal deposition
Electron detectors for secondary and back-scattered electrons
in high vacuum-, low vacuum- and ESEM conditions
Energy dispersive X-ray analysis (EDAX Pegasus XM4)
OIM System with DigiVview III EBSD camera and integrated forward scatter detector
Polaron cryoworkstation with cryo-transfer unit and cryo-stage-186°C to +50°C
Micro-manipulators (Kleindiek) with rotation-tip and micro-gripper
Force Measurement System
AFSEM in-situ atomic force microscope with low noise self-sensing cantilever