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FEI Quanta 250 FEGSEM with AFM

FEI Quanta 250 FEGSEM

Analytical high-resolution FEGSEM with in-situ AFM

Location: DB08E11
Tel.: 45207
Person of responsibility: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Steiger-Thirsfeld

Fields of research:

  • SEM imaging with high resolution and high contrast
  • Chemical analysis (EDX)
  • Structural investigations (EBSD)
  • Investigations of non-conductive specimens under low-vacuum conditions
  • Investigations of wet samples at pressures up to 4000 Pa
  • in-situ oberservations by means of GeTEC-AFM (AFSEM)


Electron coloumn
EmitterSchottky emitter
Operation voltage200 V - 30 kV
@ 30 kV @ high vacuum conditions1.2 nm
@ 30 kV @ low vacuum conditions / ESEM1.5 nm
@ 1 kV @ high vacuum conditions3 nm
@ 3 kV  @ low vacuum3 nm
Beam current> 100 nA
Everhart- Thornley- Detector for secondary electrons in high vacuum
Back scattered electron detector
GSED for pressures up to 40 mbar
Large Field Secondary electron detector for low vacuum operation
Ceramic GESD for heating experiments
CBS detector
retractable STEM 3 detector
navigation camera
Energy dispersive X-ray analysis
(EDAX SDD Octane Elite 55) with Si3N4 window
OIM System with high speed Hikari CCD EBSD Camera and integrated Forward Scatter Detector
sample holder for Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD)
Hysterion pico-indenter
AFSEM in-situ atomic force microscope with low noise self-sensing cantilever
Nano-manipulators with Low Current Measurement Kits
Heating stage (up to 1000°C)
Peltier stage (-25°C)
High vacuum6 x 10-6 mbar
Low vacuum0.1 mbar up to 1.3 mbar
ESEMup to 40 mbar
beam deceleration