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Ultramicrotom Ultracut E
Mounted sample moving over the diamond knife
PowerTome PC with CR-X Cryosectioning System


Ultracut E

Producer: Leica (former Reichert-Jung)

PowerTome PC with CR-X Cryosectioning System

Producer: RMC Products Boeckeler Instruments, Inc.


Application area:

  • Fabrication of ultra thin slices for TEM investigations
  • Fabrication of first cuts for scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy
  • Target preparation of smallest inclusions


  • diamond knives  35° for ultra thin cuts and first cuts
  • Cryo diamond knive 35°
  • Wet Cryo diamond knive 35°
  • diamond trim knives 45°
  • Glass knives

Knife maker with symparter for manufacturing of glass knives
Specimen trimmer