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Magnetic properties

EMCD experiment with 2.5 nm resolution (3rd May 2007, M. Stöger-Pollach) using a Co single crystal.
Simulation of the EMCD signal and the experimental verification.


The determination of magnetic properties (spin-orbit moments) has attracted interest since the developement of spintronics. Optical methods using X-ray absorption spectroscopy have a limited spatial resolution of 15-25 nm in best cases. Therefore one of our research topics is the determination of magnetic properties by using EELS. We use the principle of magnetic circular dichroism. This method is still under developement, but in the year 2007 - only 4 years after its first theoretical description by C. Hebert and P. Schattschneider - we reached the 2 nm limit (publication: in progress).

The experiments are accompanied by simulations using the Wien2k code.


Inquiries to this topic:

Please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Schattschneider.