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Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Wallisch

Responsibility: Materials Science

e-mail: wolfgang.wallisch@tuwien.ac.at
Tel.: ++43-1-58801-45206
Fax: ++43-1-58801-9-45206

Address: Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10/057B, A-1040 Wien
 DB08A16, 8th floor (yellow tower)

Wolfgang Wallisch was born in Vienna (Hietzing) in 1987. After the school leaving examination he studied Technical Physics at the Vienna University of Technology. Within the framework of his bachelor thesis he worked as a student assistant in the Advanced Magnetism-group of Prof. Josef Fidler. During his master program he worked in the “Advanced Magnetism”-group as research assistant. There he was mainly involved in the EU-NMP funded project “Rare-Earth Free Permanent Magnets” (REFREEPERMAG), which was concerned with the development of a new generation of high-performance permanent magnets without rare-earths. He wrote his master thesis on this topic and had the opportunity of regular exchange of knowledge at meetings abroad and attendances at international conferences. In 2014 the REFREEPERMAG project received an award as one of the “Best on-going Project” in FP7 of the EU.

Since 2015 he is PhD student at USTEM and studies dielectric and magnetic properties of functionalized interfaces by means of EELS and cathodoluminescence.

Wolfgang Wallisch is an enthusiastic cyclist and Racketlon player, who recently discovered his passion for padel-tennis. Until 2012 he was a volunteer fire fighter in Langenzersdorf.