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USTEM publication ranked 24 in Ultramicroscopy

The publication "Is magnetic dichroism feasible with electron vortices?" by Schattschneider, Löffler, Stöger-Pollach and Verbeeck is ranked in the citation index of Ultramicroscopy at number 24 since 2014. In USTEM it is on the 44th place in total, and on the 3rd place since 2014.

The 10 most popular research papers of USTEM are:

1) Production and application of electron vortex beams, 2010 (388 citations, nature)
2) Detection of magnetioc circular dichroism using a TEM, 2006 (204 citations, nature)
3) TEM at 20kV for imaging and spectroscopy, 2011 (127 citations, Ultramicroscopy)
4) Theory of orientation-sensitive near-edge fine-structure core-level spectroscopy, 1999 (122 ciations, PhysRev B)
5) Cerenkov losses: A limit for bandgap determination and Kramers-Kronig Analysis, 2006 (78 citations, Ultramicroscopy)
6) Optical properties and bandgaps from low loss EELS: Pitfalls and solutions, 2008 (76 citations, Micron)
7) Atomic scale electron vortices for nanoresearch, 2011 (72 citations, Appl. Phys. Lett.)
8) Electron vortex beams in a magnetic field: A new twist on landau levels and aharonov-bohm states, 2012 (70 citations, PhysRev X)
9) First principles theory of chiral dichroism in electron microscopy applied to 3d ferromangets, 2007 (70 citations, PhysRev B)
10) Large-grained polycrystalline silicon on glass for thin-film solar cells, 2006 (70 citations, Thin Sol. Films)