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2019-11-13 [



Institute of Solid State Physics, USTEM and co-workers publish research in Nature

Prof. Ernst Bauer while measuring thermoelectricity.


A research team lead by Prof. Ernst Bauer from the Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Wien, published its research concerning the thermoelectric performance of a metastable thin-film Heusler alloy in Nature. The online version is available since November 13th, whereas the print version is published on December 5th.

The main aspect of the excellent research paper is the enhancement of the thermoelectric properties by a factor of more than five with respect to the actually best thermoelectric material. All nano-ynalytics and Imaging on the nano-scale was performed at USTEM.

A material has a thermoelectric property as soon as it can generate electrical power by utilizing thermal gradients. Consequently, small devices as sensors or processors can be powered in self-reliance.

More Information (in German) can be found here.